• Transforming My Body - Transforming My World

    When I made the decision to modify my lifestyle, I never would have imagined the overall transformation that would transpire.

    Seven weeks ago, I began a journey that I have come to understand very few are familiar with. In fact, I think it is fair to say that, there are a substantial number of individuals that find the lifestyle of a figure competitor compulsive. And from an outsider's perspective that is understandable due to what is most apparent; the dietary and social sacrifices.

    However, what an onlooker is incapable of seeing are the countless mental triumphs that a competitor achieves on a daily basis and the fire that is ignited as a direct result.

    Yes, the lifestyle of a competitor is arduous; both mentally & physically. It requires immense dedication, sacrifice, time, & self-motivation and in all honesty, there are days that are almost unbearable, however those are the days I live for. Why? Because, those are the days I discover I am capable of breaking down what was once perceived as an impossible barrier.

    Overcoming such barriers has irrefutably fostered a life-changing experience. I feel unshakable. What was created in the confines of the gym, now plays a powerful role in each and every aspect of my life. I no longer accept average. Each and every day, I get to make the choice to live an exceptional life; free of limitations, fear, and doubt.

    God did not intend for me to live a passive and reactive lifestyle. In me, He has created a heart of courage and boldness and each of those gifts have been enhanced through the endeavors of my present journey.

    One of the mysteries of life is that few people accept the challenge of success; few people stand firm in their beliefs because it is easier to allow the opinions of others to distract them. It is easier to allow fear and doubt into their mind to suffocate what once was courage and a burning passion to act. It is easier to agree with the masses and avoid conflict. It is easier to simply stay "comfortable" then to swim against the current. Know what you stand for, where you are going and why you want to get there. Then, refuse to compromise.


    I didn't have the time
    But I made the time
    I didn't have the knowledge
    But I did what I knew
    I didn't have the support
    But I learned to support myself
    I didn't have the confidence
    But the confidence came with the results
    I had a lot going against me
    But I had enough going for me
    I had plenty of excuses
    But I CHOOSE not to use any of them
    Katelin Wright aka Mini Hulk
    Be Non Human Sponsored Athlete
    NPC Figure Competitor
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