• Thankful Thursday

    Every Thursday we see people posting pictures from the past and titling it "throwback Thursday". I've done it too and it's really quite great to see the progress I've made and the progress of others. All of our goal are different, but the similar thing is that without people in our lives and the support of others many of us wouldn't be celebrating our success. So today I'd like to title this Thursday, "Thankful Thursday".

    I've been very fortunate to acquire the support of those around me. When I started my journey into figure competitions I didn't have a lot of support. Many called me crazy, told me I was trying to be a guy, lifting like I did wasn't normal, I'm restricting myself too much, etc, etc. Over time I have stuck with my goals and dreams and slowly I have gained the support of many. Friends who doubted or questioned what I was doing have come around. Not because I have convinced them of anything, but because I didn't quit when I was doubted or questioned. I continued on and DID NOT QUIT. You will have many along the way who will try and bring you down. They don't understand or they don't want to and to make them fee letter about the unknown is to bring you back down to their level. I am thankful every day for the support that I have around me. It hasn't always been there but over time I have earned the respect of others.

    In August last year I was fortunate to join the Top Secret Nutrition team. I love their products and I am thankful for their sponsorship. I have available to me top notch supplements that I can use daily in and out of my contest prep. Their Energizing Whey is one of my favorites. The L-carnitine paired with raspberry Keytones is essential to my day. Of course Cardio Igniter, active extreme multi vitamin, hair skin and nail vitamin, interderm and the pump igniter are staples every day. I am so thankful for their support, and their belief in me to represent their company and especially supplements I actually use and believe in.

    This past year I have also teamed up with Be Non Human. This is a unique sponsorship as it is a lifestyle apparel brand, empowerment, encouragement and top quality workout wear. Rudi Lopez the owner and founder has started supporting me and his daily encouragement and his support have made so much possible!

    Erin Yates, of Max Muscle Salem has brought me in, working side by side promoting Top Secret Nutrition products and being an important part of my prep. Offering her sponsorship and support along my journey.

    You see, hard work and dedication will get you places. It will earn you the support and respect of others. I have been fortunate to gain support and respect of others, but I want to extend a huge THANK YOU to my sponsors, family, coaches and friends and even people I don't know who have supported me mentally, physically and financially. I would not be where I am with out your support and I am truly thankful.

    Happy Thankful Thursday! Take the time today and every day to thank those who help you along your way. It could be in or out of the gym, but encouragement and support do not just stop at the gym door, they are part of our day to day activities. Be thankful and keep training!

    Be Great. Be Non Human

    Marissa Hein
    Be Non Human Sponsored Athlete
    NPC National Figure Competitor
    Twitter: @fitmarissahein


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