• TRUMP Shocks World With US Election Victory!

    By Rudi Lopez, M.A., Editor-in-Chief - BENH.TV

    New York, NY. - In the early morning hours on November 9, 2016, Republican nominee Donald J. Trump shocked the world with his landslide victory over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Throughout the evening, the mainstream media coverage of the election was focused on the results of key states like Florida, Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Networks CNN, Fox News and other cable outlets were cautious about calling these battleground states, from what seemed like out of fear of calling a state and then pulling it back, or from influencing the voters who were still out voting during the evening on the West Coast.

    Florida with 95% of the precincts and Trump with over 100K lead, was still not called by CNN and Fox News. With the Florida Panhadle counties left, it seemed as if the mainstream media was hoping for some momentum for Clinton coming out of these counties or Broward County.  That never materialized, and late evening Florida was finally called for Trump who needed to win the state to have more options to win the presidency. After Florida, the dominoes started falling with North Carolina going to Trump, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan showing Trump building momentum.

    You could sense from the pundits on mainstream media that Clinton’s path to winning was closing and Trump with the momentum and greater paths to victory. When Wisconsin and Pennsylvania was called for Trump that seemed to pop the air out of the Clinton campaign and the biased mainstream media. Coverage of the campaign began to focus on a Trump victory and what it means for the country and what the loss meant for Democrats. Also shocking was the results showing that Republicans were going to win the House of Representatives and the Senate, meaning a sweep of all the branches of government from the White House, House and Senate!

    With the race at 248 for Trump and 218 for Clinton, speculation was rampant about whether Clinton would concede. After midnight on November 8, 2016, it was reported that Clinton would address her voters who huddled at the campaign HQ in New York a few miles from Trump HQ to give a concession speech. Social Media platform Twitter was highly active with 35 million tweets on election day, and by Wednesday morning with over 35 million tweets posted. The record tweets broke the previous 2012 election tweets of 31 million. There was so much tension and suspense, and I have no doubt that the networks played into it by refusing to call certain states that were obviously called by the Associated Press and New York Times, and what seemed to drag on the coverage. Chuck Todd of NBC stated that no states would be called until all ballots were counted. Eventually due to other media platforms calling key states for Trump, seemed to add pressure of the main networks to call the election for Trump. To add to the crazy election, it was reported that John Podesta would address Clinton supporters and not Hillary. Podesta indicated that the campaign was not going to concede and will wait until Wednesday to have Clinton speak to the public. About an hour later, news outlets reported that Clinton had made a call to Trump and conceded the election. By this time, it was way into the early hours on Wednesday on the East Coast.

    Financials markets were down most of the evening as it was clear that Trump had a greater chance for victory, the futures market was down, the Mexican Peso was at an all time low versus the dollar, and international markets were all down. Trump’s victory was helped by the Latino Vote which he won with 29% more than Romney in 2012.

    The finally featured Vice President elect Mike Pence and his wife and family addressed the crowd first, and Pence introduced newly elected President Donald J. Trump to excited crowd who waited a long time for the moment.

    Trump humbled by what had happened, thanked surrogates from Rudy Giuliani, Chris Christie, Ben Carson, RNC Chair Reince Priebus, and his Wife Melanie, and children.

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