• 301 - Day Trading & Stock Charts

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     Course Description:

    This is an advanced course for those who want to learn about day trading, reading stock charts, and want to become a day trader. This course is recommended for those who have experience as an investor, and want to take their investment knowledge to another level.   

    This is a 4 week course that meets once a week for 90 minutes, and includes Q&A, and assignments to apply your know.

    Course Curriculum:

    1. Technical Analysis 

    2. Introduction to Day Trading

    3. Finding the Best Day Trading Platform

    4.  How to Read Stock Charts

    5. Understanding Stock Chart Candles

    6. Different Types of Day Trading 

    7. Day Trading Strategy

    8. Research and Due Diligence 

    Course Materials and Handouts

    1. Power Point Presentations

    2. Day Trading Charts

    3. Day Trading Terminology

    4. Stock Chart Candles List 

    5. Reasons and Limits  & Stock Research Worksheet

    6. Stock Performance Worksheet

    7. Research

    8. Assignments

    9. Quizzes

    10. Videos 

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