Stock Market Investing Courses

These courses, give you a comprehensive overview of the stock market, from introduction to advanced education, teaching you what to do and what not to do when you're investing. Even if you've never put money into the stock market, these courses will give you an understanding of how to invest your money in stocks.
There are currently three levels of courses being offered:
Level 1: Stock Market Investing 101 - Introduction to Investing
Level 2: Stock Market Investing 201 - Fundamental Analysis
Level 3: Stock Market Investing 301 - Day Trading & Stock Charts
If you have no prior knowledge or education of the stock market, you are encouraged to begin with Level 1 so that you can get an overview of the stock market, understand your investment risk comfort, and learn the basics. If you have participated in the Be Non Human Investment Club meetings and received some training, it is encouraged to enroll in Level 2 course.