The Brand

Definition of Be Non Human ®:

 [bee-non-hyoo-muh n] --- Adjective:

1. Above or beyond what is human; functioning at higher self, having a higher nature of intelligence or greater powers than humans have;
2. Exceeding ordinary human performance, achievement, experience, etc.

What does it mean to Be Non Human ®?

Be Non Human® is a mindset, belief system and lifestyle for anyone who desires to transform their life and future.  It begins by making a decision to take responsibility for your life; to do and believe that which moves you towards your goals and dreams, and refusing to do and believe anything that moves you away from your goals and dreams. It’s a mindset of empowerment and self-actualization, available to anyone regardless of where you started; your background, your upbringing, your past and your current circumstances.

Be Non Human ® the Company?

Be Non Human ® is a cause driven and socially responsible action sports,fitness and lifestyle brand producing cutting-edge designs with superior fabrics that provide comfort, style and confidence. Our attention to detail comes from a desire to make purposeful garments that become a part of your life.

Every single individual in our company and Team Be Non Human ® believes in the vision to change the action sports, fitness and endurance sports industry, and to change the lives of individuals and communities around the world. We surround ourselves, build relationships, and develop collaborations and partnerships with passionate, values driven people who have their intentions in the right place, and who intentionally autograph their life with excellence in all areas of their life.

Who we are is rooted in our faith.

Our faith dictates our values. We aim to run our business with integrity and serve our customers with humility. We see everyone we work with as a like-minded community connected by a desire for something greater than ourselves. 

Our Motto.

Engage - Inspire - Transform  

Our Mission.

To empower people to a life of abundance, vitality, happiness, joy, peace and love; to ignite transformational change in their lives, their children's futures, and their communities.

Empowering YOU to GREATNESS.

We believe that every individual was created for a purpose, with unique gifts and creative talents that must be shared with the world and who have the potential to achieve greatness and extraordinary success. We nourish the three pillars of core wellness: Mind, Body and Spirit through education, equipping you, and empowering you.

The Vision.

A global movement promoting faith and family values, being tenacious about impacting local, national and international communities through Faith, Hope, Grace and Love, community service and philanthropy.