• 101 - Introduction to Investing

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    Course Description:

    This course is a foundational Introduction to Investing to help you understand how the stock market works, and begin the process of developing your trading philosophy and strategy for investing. 

    This is a 4 week course that meets once a week for 90 minutes, and includes Q&A, and assignments to apply your knowledge. 

    Course Curriculum:

    1. Introduction to Investing & Stock Market 

    2. Overview of the Stock Market

    3. Stock Market Terminology

    4.  How to Read a Stock Table

    5. How to Create a Stock Watch List

    6. How to Evaluate a Stock Before You Buy

    7. Identifying the Best Brokerage Companies 

    8. Investor Profile & Investment Risk Tolerance

    Course Materials and Handouts

    1. Power Point Presentations

    2. Investor Profile Questionnaire

    3. Investor Risk Tolerance Questionnaire

    4. Stock Watch List 

    5. Reasons and Limits  & Stock Research Worksheet

    6. Stock Performance Worksheet

    7. Research

    8. Assignments

    9. Quizzes

    10. Videos 

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