• 201 - Fundamental Analysis

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     Course Description:

    This course provides you with the fundamentals of stock market investing through Fundamental Analysis to help you evaluate a company and it's stock potential. Discover what your trading philosophy is, reading company financials, and how to conduct qualitative and quantitative research for your due diligence and company evaluation.  

    This is a 4 week course that meets once a week for 90 minutes, and includes Q&A, and assignments to apply your know.

    Course Curriculum:

    1. Opening a Brokerage Account
    2. Taxes
    3. Fundamental Analysis
    4. Discovering Your Trading Philosophy
    5. Reading Company Financials
    6. Psychology of Trading
    7. Research, News & Information Gathering & Due Diligence 
    8. Buying Your First Stock

    Course Materials and Handouts

    1. Power Point Presentations
    2. Investor Profile Questionnaire
    3. Investor Risk Tolerance Questionnaire
    4. Stock Watch List 
    5. Reasons and Limits  & Stock Research Worksheet
    6. Stock Performance Worksheet
    7. Research

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